what about 48 bits?

Jorge Amodio jmamodio at gmail.com
Sun Apr 4 22:53:38 CDT 2010

> And then there was the time an electrician accidentally cut the coax and decided to splice it with black electrical tape...

He, he, we had all sorts of issues, ethernet was not a very well known
technology yet. We had a radio antenna on the roof and when the guys
doing the install saw a coax they assumed it was their 75 ohm drop to
the radio equipment, never took the time to look at the labels on the
cable, what a mess.

At the Argentinean Embassy in WDC they had a pet dog that had the bad
habit to chew on the thin ethernet cables, we didn't have any TDR
tools so we had to befriend the damn dog to be able to follow him to
find where the heck the cable was exposed and chewed.

No doubt technology has evolved, for some people sshing from an iPod
touch may feel like "yaaa another app" for me it feels amazing !!


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