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Zaid Ali zaid at zaidali.com
Sun Apr 4 16:50:22 CDT 2010

On 4/4/10 2:04 PM, "Vadim Antonov" <avg at kotovnik.com> wrote:

>> Zaid
>> P.s. Disclaimer: I have always been a network operator and never a dentist.
> I would have thought opposite.

It is sometimes helpful to draw lessons from nature and other systems :)

> People who have been on this list longer would probably remember when I
> was playing in this sandbox.
> The real wisdom about networks is "never try to change everything and
> everywhere at once".  You either do gradual migration, or you end up in a
> big pile of poo.  Which what IPv6 transition situation is.
> --vadim

I too apply the same "real wisdom" and view IPv6 transition as a gradual
migration and we are seeing a lot of success already with this approach, its
just that the adoption numbers are slower than we would like. I get a sense
that our 5+ year IPv6 discussions have people worried and panicked that the
best thing is to leave things as they are <insert NAT solutions> which makes
me think we should perhaps spend less time on the advocacy part of IPv6
solution and put our efforts on what we get out of implementation.


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