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In article <4BB897A7.60503 at consolejunkie.net>, Leen Besselink
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>> (I saw a number in the last 2-3 days that 2-3% of spam is now being delivered
>> via SMTP-over-IPv6).  You may not need that gear as much as you thought...
>This maybe ?:
>"Out of the total number of emails received, 14% were received over
>IPv6, the rest over IPv4."

RIPE NCC has been running ipv6 mail for some time, so this may be higher
than average.

>"Looking only at the number of e-mails received over IPv6, 3.5% were
>classified as spam, the rest were legitimate."
>But then again this is a pretty low number as well:
>"Looking only at the number of emails received over IPv4: 31% were
>classified as spam, the rest were legitimate."
>Some of us deal with 98% or more.

Don't forget it also said:

        "this excludes messages already rejected by blacklisting and
        greylisting ... and sent to non-existent email addresses within
        the ripe.net domain"
        "Additionally, our statistics only take our primary MX system
        into account (and not email sent from the secondary MX system to
        the primary)."
Roland Perry

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