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Frank Bulk frnkblk at iname.com
Sat Apr 3 16:30:32 CDT 2010

If Google made the same strong statement with IPv6 as they have done with
their 700 MHz bid or the Google-subsidized fiber project, it could make a
significant difference.

A few examples come to mind:
- free or discounted advertising to vendors if delivered over IPv6: this
would incent advertisers to have viewers access content over IPv6, even if
it was just on mobile phones with certain apps.
- free or discounted Google Apps if a certain percentage of client access
was over IPv6, etc: this would incent enterprises (the non-profits are
either free or discounted, so this example applies mostly to the
for-profits) to find native IPv6 access because it provides an immediate and
direct savings


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I suppose if Google announced tomorrow, that search engine access over
IPv4 is going to be discontinued in  12 months,  and  you will have to
connect using IPv6,  then  IPv4 might become legacy....... They could
have posted that on April 1, with impunity too :)

Enterprises may take a long time to move,   there are so many
participants involved,  it is difficult to fathom them all acting at
once,  at least,  until some major content providers, major search
engines, etc,  announce they will  _stop_  providing  services over



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