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> They hard part is getting all the end nodes to use IPIP tunneling as
> their primary protocol by default.  It is doable but that is the hard
> part.

Actually, both methods could exist side by side.  If a standard packet
arrives, the destination AS is looked up using conventional routing
information, it is encapsulated and sent to the destination AS.  In
other words, a standard packet is assumed to be a legacy address space
packet.  An encapsulated packet handled in the new way.  

But you know, the fact that the network techies has not exactly spent
the past 10 years busting down the doors for v6 should tell people
something really important.  That they are willing to wait until the
wolf is at the door to switch means something that needs to be paid your
attention.   v6 could well be the protocol that broke the Internet
because it is sort of like replacing a Jeep with a bus built by Rube

That adoption is so low at this point really says that it has failed.  

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