legacy /8

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Fri Apr 2 21:53:14 CDT 2010

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> Is someone volunteering to work on an RFC?  Or, has someone done so
> this already?

I have never heard of anything along that line.  It is just something
that has wandered through my mind from time to time wondering why nobody
had ever done such a thing as it seems so easy.  All you need is to
increase the standard transit MTU a little bit so your encapsulation
doesn't result in a bunch of additional packet fragmentation due to the
encap overhead and create the new DNS AA RR and that would be about all
that is required. 

If your network is an end user, you just announce one route ... your ASN
... to your transit providers and any peers.  A transit operation
announces their ASN and any they are collecting from peers.  

They hard part is getting all the end nodes to use IPIP tunneling as
their primary protocol by default.  It is doable but that is the hard

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