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Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Fri Apr 2 19:22:16 CDT 2010

ipv4 spae is not 'running out.'  the rirs are running out of a free
resource which they then rent to us.  breaks my little black heart.

even if, and that's an if, ipv6 takes off, ipv4 is gonna be around for a
loooong while.  when 95% of the world has end-to-end ipv6, do you think
amazon et alia are gonna blow 5% of their market by decomissioning ipv4?

we are gonna learn how to distribute and use ipv4 more efficiently.
it's not that hard, we know how to do it.  internet engineers have
worked through and around a lot of problems, it's our job.  making
connectivity continue work for folk who, for whatever reason, delay
migration from ipv4 is just part of our job.  not to panic.

the hard part is figuring out how the rirs make money off ipv4 holders
redistributing it among themselves.  if that becomes a non-goal, things
get a lot simpler.


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