New Linksys CPE, IPv6 ?

Owen DeLong owen at
Fri Apr 2 17:28:11 CDT 2010

I've gotten multiple emails about this...

Yes, this is a known issue at the moment due to an upgrade put in place
at DeLong.  There is an open ticket with Juniper on why the 6in4 tunnels
are not working on the SRX-100 and why traffic coming in through the
alternate path is not being correctly processed.

I hope to have my IPv6 services back on line shortly and I apologize for
any inconvenience and the unfortunate timing.


On Apr 2, 2010, at 2:22 PM, Jim Burwell wrote:

> FYI ... I can't get to's IPv6 space from my HE tunnel
> provided IPv6 space (2001:470:8332::/48).  When I traceroute using UDP
> or ICMP or tcptrace it stops in HE's core.  BGP issue?
> Last hop I see is:
> (2001:470:0:31::2)
> - Jim

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