New Linksys CPE, IPv6 ?

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Subject: Re: New Linksys CPE, IPv6 ? Date: Thu, Apr 01, 2010 at 11:35:32PM +0200 Quoting sthaug at (sthaug at
> > What I heard at a recent (within the past six months) conference was
> > that "there is no customer demand for v6" so it isn't on the immediate
> > needs list.  He said they had a lot of inquiries about v6, but to date
> > not having native v6 wasn't a deal breaker with anyone.
> Last time we renegotiated transit contracts, we specified IPv6 as an
> absolute requirement. *Native* IPv6 was an added plus.

We went further and required native. At 10GE interconnect speed, one is
in the recently-upgraded core or metro access layer of most providers.
These parts of the network have been ready (if not set up) for v6 for
at least 5 years now. Did not pose a problem.  All I need to do now is 
to set up the peering ;-) 

Had I been looking for a FE transit I'd had much more issues with v6

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