Raised floor, Solid floor... or carpet?

telmnstr at 757.org telmnstr at 757.org
Thu Apr 1 13:36:56 CDT 2010

> Its an april fools joke for them.  Dare I say that I have actually seen
> DCs with carpeting. My jaw dropped but it does exist.

We had carpeted floor tiles in a data center where I used to work. It was 
bound to the raised floor panels, and I was told it had anti static 
properties. Never noticed a static issue, but the room had proper air 
handlers with humidity control.

The room was still loud, I'm not sure what dampening attributes it had for 
noise reduction. After a while the tiles start to wear a bit on the edges 
I suppose, but they had been in place for 5 years I believe and it looked 
fine (other than where liquid spills occoured on a distant side where 
people had some cubicles.)

The puller to lift floor tiles had evil teeth, not suction cups. It could 

 			- Ethan O'Toole

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