New Linksys CPE, IPv6 ?

Mark Smith nanog at
Thu Apr 1 08:50:08 CDT 2010

On Thu, 1 Apr 2010 00:16:03 +0000
Michael Dillon <wavetossed at> wrote:

> On 1 April 2010 00:05, Nick Hilliard <nick at> wrote:
> > On 01/04/2010 00:40, Michael Dillon wrote:
> >>
> >> In fact, consumer demand for IPv6 is close to 100%.
> >
> > Michael,  I think you fat-fingered "0%".
> >
> > Just to be clear, I'm talking about the real world here.
> I did not fat finger anything. In the real world, nearly 100% of consumers
> demand IPv6 from their ISP.

Exactly. Running out of "Internet Phone Numbers" is an unacceptable
excuse to both customers and ISP management.

> But consumers are not techies so they don't
> talk that way with acronyms and technical gobbledygook version numbers.
> In plain English they tell us that they want the Internet access service to
> just plain work. They want it to work all the time, including tomorrow and
> if they move across town, or to another city, they want to order a move
> from the ISP, and have it done in a few days.
> ISPs who don't have IPv6 will soon be unable to provide access to all
> Internet sites, as content providers begin to bring IPv6 sites onstream.
> And ISPs without IPv6 will not be able to continue growing their networks,
> even for something as trivial as an existing customer who moves to a
> different PoP.
> The approaching time is going to be a crisis for the ISP industry, and
> the press will tar some ISPs in a very bad light if they can't smoothly
> introduce IPv6. There will be bargain basement sellouts and happy
> M&A departments at ISPs with foresight who got their IPv6 capability
> ready early.
> It's now like the calm before the storm. We know that a battle is coming
> and we know roughly where and when it will be fought. Reports from
> the field indicate that all is quiet, but that is normal just before the
> battle commences. The wise general will not be put off by these reports
> of peace and quiet, but will prepare his forces and keep an eye on
> the preparations of his adversaries.
> --Michael Dillon

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