100% want IPv6 - Was: New Linksys CPE, IPv6 ?

Jorge Amodio jmamodio at gmail.com
Thu Apr 1 07:58:22 CDT 2010

I don't have any reference to support the idea that 100% of regular
users want IPv6, I don't think they know or care to know what IPv6 is
or what's the difference with IPv4 which most probably they don't know
either besides few configuration screens of the devices they use.

What for sure they eally want is high speed, reliable and omnipresent

I regularly ask about IPv6 when I find new information about a Home
CPE class router because I'm engaged in some activities related to
connecting "things" (which I don't intend to mean that people are also
things), particularly in residential applications.

Think about a combination of wired/wireless sensors and devices,
energy management, security, home automation stuff. On the wireless
front we are making some progress (probably too slow) on the IETF with
6LoWPAN, many other applications are gradually switching to ethernet
or at least using lite TCP/IP.

Then my interest is to have better knowledge about what on that class
of equipment is on the pipeline, to deal with questions such as, do
the particular application I mentioned above needs to be developed
totally with native IPv6 ?, or IPv4 ?, or combination of both ?, do we
require translation/tunneling/etc ?, or can defer that function to
another device that will take care to send and get the packets from/to
the net ?

That sort of thing.

Just to play with, I purchased a soekris net5501 board (very nice
board for that price) and planning to start playing with it using
FreeBSD. I took a look at the RouterBoard but the firmware license is
too restrictive and there is no much hacking (well there is always a
way to hack) you can do, but they are dirty cheap.


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