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Thu Apr 1 04:19:14 CDT 2010

Charles N Wyble <charles at knownelement.com> writes:

> Should one get a "real" cisco router? The 877 or something? 

871 works very well here. You may find on heap on eBay. But *don't* get
an 861. Last time i checked there was no IOS with IPv6 support for this

> My current home router is a cisco 1841. I keep my 6mbps DSL line pretty
> much saturated all the time. Often times my wife will be watching Hulu
> in the living room, I'll be streaming music and running torrents
> (granted I have tuned my Azures client fairly well) all at the same time
> and it's a good experience.  

If it's working stick to it. ;-)

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