Dearborn: Calling all CAcert and/or Thawte Notaries

Owen DeLong owen at
Tue Sep 29 22:30:36 UTC 2009

It occurs to me that in addition to the PGP key signings that tend to  
happen at NANOG
meetings it might be worth having a group notary event for CAcert and/ 
or Thawte

I'm currently a 10 point notary with Thawte and hope to be a CAcert  
notary before
the Dearborn meeting.

I suspect there are other notaries on the list attending the meeting.   
If you're a notary
and will be attending the meeting, please contact me off list if you'd  
be interested/willing
to participate in a notary get together.

If there's enough support to make it feasible, I'll try to put  
together a way we can
do it. (Perhaps we can take a corner of the PGP key signing or such).

If you're looking to get notarized, here's what you will need to bring:

	1.	Your original IDs. One has to be the ID you provided the Thawte
		web site. Two IDs are ideal.  At least one of the IDs must be
		government issue and must have your picture. (It helps if you look
		like the picture, too).

	2.	Photocopies of your IDs (one for each notary that will provide
		an on-line assurance of your ID).

	1.	Print out one copy of the pre-filled out assurance form from the
		CAcert web site for each notary.

	2.	Bring your original ID(s).  One government issued ID is required.
		Additional ID is also preferred.

If there is enough interest from notaries, I will post back to the  
list when
I get arrangements made.


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