bgp best path compare-routerid implementation example

Andy Davidson andy at
Fri Sep 25 07:21:22 UTC 2009

On 25 Sep 2009, at 05:24, devang patel wrote:

> I am looking for the *bgp best path compare*-*routerid* implementation
> example? I know the function of it but looking for some scenario  
> where its
> been used...

Hi, Devang

This option is really only used in order to instruct a router to skip  
the option before it in best path selection algorithm (prefer the path  
learned from the older established session).

I don't think you'd use it if you ran a normal network (or knew what  
you were doing ;-) ) because you'd typically use much more  
deterministic decisions to send traffic to specific and predictable  
paths, or you'd use hot-potato routing and send the traffic to the  
nearest equivalent exit ('prefer ebgp over ibgp' and 'prefer path with  
lowest igp metric' comes before 'use the oldest path').


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