Wireless STM-1 link

Rens rens at autempspourmoi.be
Wed Sep 23 14:43:57 UTC 2009

When I do a lot of pings with small packet size I get drops.

I'm think this is because of the flow control that I activated and the link
can't handle it this fast and drops them.

This at least is what the vendor says => dropping the low priority ping
packets is normal behavior.


I have the ability to enable 802.1p on the link, is there a way to
prioritize the OSPF hello packets with this?



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On Thu, Sep 10, 2009 at 2:55 AM, Rens <rens at autempspourmoi.be> wrote:

All the interfaces are forced to 1Gbps and full duplex.

Maybe I should give some extra info.
All the traffic seems to pass ok via that link but I have seen that often
OSPF adjacencies go down/up , I suspect that the HELLO packets are being
dropped that pass via that link.

That's why I started to look a little deeper and do some ping tests.

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Sounds like this might be an Ethernet negotiaton problem

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Seems everyone has focused on GE as the problem.  You can quickly rule that
out by looking at interface error counters and doing PING tests from the
wireless router/device to something on the local network on both sides.  If
OSPF is flapping because of missed HELLO packets then I'm thinking you have
a problem with either saturation on the link or actual wireless issues.
When PING does work what do the times look like? I'd look at static routing
for a bit (if practical) or changing your OSPF HELLO intervals to see if
that does anything.  Here's a good link on troubleshooting OSPF adjacency


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