Contact w/ clue re: AT&T SMS email gateway?

Dave Pascoe davekm3t at
Tue Sep 22 23:26:33 UTC 2009

Many people responded to me directly, so I thought I would summarize
my findings.

1) AT&T Customer Service never returned my call, despite saying they
would.  I guess they couldn't get to the right folks.  The occasional
curse of being in a really large company.

2) A very kind inside AT&T person from this list replied to me
privately and informed me that they had just cut over to a new gateway
for the consumer mail-to-SMS service and that they were experiencing
some issues with it.  Perhaps the issue was a massive influx of
messages when they brought the system back, but that is just me
speculating.  Doesn't explain the message body corruption issue,

3) Someone let me know that AT&T Wireless has a business offering
called Enterprise Paging:

This costs about $5.00 extra per month and offers a separate
email-to-SMS gateway and other SMS injection methods:
WCTP, SNPP, TAP .  This service uses 10-digit-number at as
the gateway email address format.

Another benefit is longer messages - up to 456 characters.  This can be helpful.

I opted for upgrading to Enterprise Paging.  Solved the issue for me,
seems reliable, and offers options that give me value.  Also has 24/7
support and (apparently) some sort of SLA.

Other reports indicate the consumer gateway has settled
down after the issues from last week.

Hope this helps some folks.


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