William Hamilton bill at
Tue Sep 22 15:17:58 UTC 2009

<quote who="Shaun Rossi">
> Hello,
>                 I have no idea what this is referred to as, so I will try
> to explain:  I have a client interested in setting up a
> mobile phone text message service where a mobile user
> would send a text to a short (say 5 digit) 'telephone'
> number.  I've seen commercials on TV where you could send
> a numeric/text code to a SMS gateway number, and it
> charges your mobile account for the returned text message
> or downloadable ringer/etc.


These are SMS short codes.

Essentially you purchase service from an SMS aggregator (that's your
missing key word) and you can bulk send your SMS through some sort of API
or HTML gateway. They will generally have agreements with the mobile
networks to have anything that is sent to a particular short code
forwarded onto the aggregator so that they can make them available to you.

A Google search for "SMS aggregator US" should point you in the right
direction, although I've only had direct experience (and a few years ago
now) with Opera Telecom in the UK.


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