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                I have no idea what this is referred to as, so I will try to explain:  I have a client interested in setting up a mobile phone text message service where a mobile user would send a text to a short (say 5 digit) 'telephone' number.  I've seen commercials on TV where you could send a numeric/text code to a SMS gateway number, and it charges your mobile account for the returned text message or downloadable ringer/etc.

                Without knowing much about how to access this service, it seems relatively straightforward.

                I did a few web searches however I'm not sure what magic keyword I'm missing for the search.  Could anyone point me in the right direction?  The service would be established in Canada and potentially the United States.  I have called two of the largest mobile operators, but no one can get me to the right department.

As far as experience with texting goes, I have worked on some systems that do M2M (machine-to-machine) SMS communication, always using full mobile telephone numbers (GSM modems).

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