Google Pagerank and "Class-C Addresses"

Jay Nakamura zeusdadog at
Tue Sep 22 14:34:05 UTC 2009

On a similar issue, I have a debate going on in my company about SEO
and links coming from IP blocks allocated from different upstream
providers will improve page ranks.  (So, if I have block A from
provider 1 and block B from provider 2, web sites linking each other
on block A & B, the rank will go up)  Not just different /24, /24s
reassigned from different upstream.

I can't find anything to prove or dis-prove this theory.  Anyone have
a link or info on this issue/myth?

I shared this discussion thread and was told it's only discussing
different /24, not /24 allocated to different providers.

As far as I am concerned, if Google used ARIN swip record or routing
entry, it's going to identify us as the end provider so I can't see
how who gave us the IP would matter.

On Mon, Sep 21, 2009 at 12:18 PM, Sebastian Wiesinger
<nanog at> wrote:
> Hello Nanog,
> I'm looking into a weird request which more and more customers have.
> They want "different Class C addresses", by which they mean IPs in
> different /24 subnets.
> The apparent reason for this is that Google will rank links from
> different /24 higher then links from the same /24. So it's a SEO
> thingy.
> I googled a bit and found pages after pages of FUD and such great
> things as the "Class C Checker":  "This free Class C Checker tool
> allows you to check if some sites are hosted on the same Class C IP
> Range."
> My question is: Is there any proof that Google does differentiate
> between /24s, or even better is there any proof that this isn't the
> case? I will not give a customer space from different address blocks
> just because he read it in a SEO magazine.
> Perhaps someone from Google itself can answer this question?
> Also how do you handle such requests? I expect I'm not the only one
> who gets them.
> Regards,
> Sebastian
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