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Tue Sep 22 09:59:26 UTC 2009

Hello fellow NANOGers. Slightly offtopic, but I would greatly appreciate
your suggestions. For my telecommunications engineering degree I am
designing a TDM data analyzer, and I need suggestion, what you would like in
an appliance like that.

Right now my idea is that it should be a transparent device that plugs in
between two E1/T1/J1 devices and then connect to FastEthernet for data
uplink. All data traveling between two devices is sent to central server
that can accept data from one or more capture devices.

End user (i.e. NANOGer debugging a problem) has a program to connect to data
acquisition server and can see decoded Q921/Q931 signaling data and to
play-out what's happening in any one of voice channels. BERT tester and
signal level indication with remote fault monitoring and logging would be
included also. End user will have ability to record voice data with
supplemental information too.

So my question to the community is what other features you would like to see
in a device? And most of all - if you had a device like that would you find
it useful?

All replies off list greatly appreciated.  I would like to ask people to
forward this email to colleagues that work with voice systems or to a voice
operators group if you are a member of one.

Thanks a lot,

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