MPLS Multi-vrf and IP Multicast

Truman Boyes truman at
Fri Sep 18 04:37:30 UTC 2009

Hi Devang,

You can take a look at BGP Multicast Inter-AS VPNs. There is a  
difference between CSC/CoC and Inter-AS VPNs. You can have multicast  
trees per VPN, but it depends on what you are trying to do. Do you  
currently have CSC or are you deciding which way to go?


On 18/09/2009, at 9:13 AM, devang patel wrote:

> Hello All,
> Any scenario where we are using MPLS between PE-CE when CE is multi- 
> vrf
> router, any deployment in real word? Carrier supporting carrier CSC  
> is one
> where you have MPLS between PE-CE link.
> If PE-CE running MPLS between them then what will be impact on  
> between two site?
> If PE-CE connectivity is pure IP then i think multicast will work  
> properly
> right?
> thanks,
> Devang Patel

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