Contact w/ clue re: AT&T SMS email gateway?

Crist Clark Crist.Clark at
Thu Sep 17 20:31:51 UTC 2009

>>> On 9/17/2009 at 12:03 PM, Dave Pascoe <davekm3t at> wrote:
> Recently something seems to have changed with the email to
> SMS gateway.  Messages sent through the gateway suffer from the following:
> 1) Long delay in reaching the phone (intermittent)
>    (yes I know there is no latency guarantee)
> and, even more crippling,
> 2) Message comes through as just "SMS Message" instead of the SMTP
> message content.  And the sender is always 410-000-01x, where x
> increments by 1 with each new incoming email-to-SMS gateway-handled message.
> Phone is an iPhone 3GS.  This has worked fine for quite a while.  No
> changes on the iPhone.
> I have gone through normal AT&T Wireless Customer Service but there
> isn't much clue there - had to explain what an email to SMS gateway is.
> Anyone elese seeing this?  Anyone from AT&T Wireless here?

If you do find anyone, can you ask them about the really annoying
reject-after-DATA problem?

That is, if 555-555-1234, for some reason is not authorized to receive
SMS, you get a 250 response after RCPT TO, but a 5xx after the DATA
is sent. So if the message had multiple recipients, some of which are
allowed to receive SMS, the message then fails for all of them.

Verizon also has this problem, BTW.

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