Contact w/ clue re: AT&T SMS email gateway?

Dave Pascoe davekm3t at
Thu Sep 17 19:03:55 UTC 2009

Recently something seems to have changed with the email to
SMS gateway.  Messages sent through the gateway suffer from the following:

1) Long delay in reaching the phone (intermittent)
   (yes I know there is no latency guarantee)

and, even more crippling,

2) Message comes through as just "SMS Message" instead of the SMTP
message content.  And the sender is always 410-000-01x, where x
increments by 1 with each new incoming email-to-SMS gateway-handled message.

Phone is an iPhone 3GS.  This has worked fine for quite a while.  No
changes on the iPhone.

I have gone through normal AT&T Wireless Customer Service but there
isn't much clue there - had to explain what an email to SMS gateway is.

Anyone elese seeing this?  Anyone from AT&T Wireless here?

Please contact me off-list.

Dave Pascoe

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