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Richard A Steenbergen ras at e-gerbil.net
Tue Sep 15 20:31:19 UTC 2009

On Tue, Sep 15, 2009 at 03:10:52PM -0500, Michael Ruiz wrote:
> Below is snap shot of the neighbor in question.
> Datagrams (max data segment is 4410 bytes):
> Rcvd: 6 (out of order: 0), with data: 4, total data bytes: 278
> Sent: 6 (retransmit: 5), with data: 2, total data bytes: 4474
> Could there be a problem with the total data bytes size exceeds the size
> of the max data segment?

The maximum BGP message size is 4096 and there is no padding, so you
would need a heck of a lot of overhead to get another 300+ bytes on
there. I'd say the answer is no, unless you're running this over a MPLS
over GRE over MPLS over IPSec over MPLS over... well... you get the
picture. :)

It's possible that your link isn't actually capable of passing 4096-ish 
byte packets for whatever resaon. A quick way to validate or eliminate 
that theory is to do some pings from the router with different size 
payloads, sourced from your side of the /30 and pinging the far side, 
and using the df-bit to prevent fragmentation. Failing that, make sure 
you aren't doing anything stupid with your control plane policiers, 
maybe try turning those off to see if there is an improvement.

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