Repeated Blacklisting / IP reputation

Shawn Somers Shawn.Somers at
Tue Sep 15 15:01:48 UTC 2009

I'd be more than happy to see this, with the added caveat that anyone 
that returned address space to ARIN that was subsequently marked as 
'contaminated', should undergo a review process when attempting to 
obtain new address space. Charge them for the review process

  Anyone that intentionally uses address space in a manner that they 
know will cause it to become contaminated should be denied on any 
further address space requests.

Another option, is to hit them where it matters. Assign fines and fees 
for churning address space and returning it as contaminated. Set the 
fee's on a sliding scale based on the amount of contamination and churn. 
the more contamination, the higher the fee.

Shawn Somers

Michiel Klaver wrote:
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> I think ARIN is no party to contact all RBL's and do any cleanup of 
> 'contaminated' address space. The only steps ARIN might do are:
> - When requesting address space, one should be able to indicate whether 
> receiving previous used address space would be unwanted or not.
> - When assigning address space, ARIN should notify receivers if it's 
> re-used or virgin address space.
> - When address space got returned to ARIN and there is evidence of 
> abuse, they have to mark that address space as 'contaminated' and only 
> re-assign that space to new end-users who have indicated to have no 
> problem with that.
> With kind regards,
> Michiel Klaver
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