Dedicated Route Reflectors

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Tue Sep 15 00:35:15 UTC 2009


There are multiple ways you can solve that problem. We do the following:

1. Each region has its own ibgp cluster with 2 route reflectors
(usually the P nodes, since they seem to have abundance of CPU power
and not much to do with it).
2. All route reflectors (across regions) are fully meshed. We thought
a bit about creating two 'super' route servers, but then then number
of adjecencies is not that big ( we only have a few regions ).

Regarding internet traffic - we keep the Internet in a VPN, all PEs
that host that VPN are fully meshed and advertise only a default to
the common route reflectors (in their corresponding regions). Each
internet PE uses different RD, so there are multiple default routes
present in the regions.

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2009/9/12 Serge Vautour <sergevautour at>:
> Hello,
> We're in the process of planning for an MPLS network that will use BGP for signaling between PEs. This will be a BGP free Core (i.e. no BGP on the P routers). What are folks doing for iBGP in this case? Full Mesh? Full Mesh the Main POP PEs and Route Reflect to some outlining PEs? Are folks using dedicated/centralized Route Reflectors (redundant of course)? What about using some of the P routers as the Centralized Route Reflectors? The boxes aren't doing much from a Control Plane perspective, why not use them as Route Reflectors.
> Any comments would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Serge
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