Hijacked Blocks

Chris Marlatt cmarlatt at rxsec.com
Mon Sep 14 15:58:14 UTC 2009

Christopher Morrow wrote:
> The end of the discussion was along the lines of: "Yes, we know this
> guy is bad news, but he always comes to us with the proper paperwork
> and numbers, there's nothing in the current policy set to deny him
> address resources. Happily though he never pays his bill after the
> first 12 months so we just reclaim whatever resources are allocated
> then."  (yes, comments about more address space ending up on BL's were
> made, and that he probably doesn't pay because after the first 3
> months the address space is 'worthless' to him...)
> How should this get fixed? Is it possible to make policy to address
> this sort of problem?
> -chris

If this is the case one could argue that ARIN should be reserving this
"worthless" address space to be used when they receive similar requests
in the future. There's no reason personX should get fresh, clean address
space when they make additional requests.



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