Repeated Blacklisting / IP reputation

James Cloos cloos at
Sun Sep 13 00:16:42 UTC 2009

>>>>> "Joe" == Joe Greco <jgreco at> writes:

Joe> So, you agree, MTA's do not implement this functionality.  It's
Joe> obviously possible to make it happen through shell scripting,
Joe> database tricks,

No, I do not agree.

The sql backend is part of the MTA; features added by offering a sql
backend for tables of this sort (I'd use a cidr access restriction
in postfix) are still features of the MTA.

And actually using the power of sql when using sql is not a trick;
rather it is the /point/.

IOW, the MTA is the sum of its parts; when using sql lookups the db
is part of the MTA.

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