OSPF vs IS-IS vs PrivateAS eBGP

Cord MacLeod cordmacleod at gmail.com
Sat Sep 12 19:37:09 UTC 2009

On Sep 12, 2009, at 7:48 AM, Fouant, Stefan wrote:

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>> I'd also add that ISIS supports IPv6 through the addition of TLVs
>> whereas OSPF was redesigned into OSPFv3.
>> Personally I like ISIS due to it's simplicity and use it for router
>> loopback advertisement only.
> Cord, so you've piqued my interest.  Are you saying you run ISIS for
> loopback recursion, but another protocol for everything else?

Correct.  I use ISIS in level 2 only to announce my loopbacks, then  
BGP for everything else.

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