Repeated Blacklisting / IP reputation

Joel Jaeggli joelja at
Fri Sep 11 11:13:20 UTC 2009

Peter Beckman wrote:
> On Thu, 10 Sep 2009, Mark Andrews wrote:
>> What a load of rubbish.  How is ARIN or any RIR/LIR supposed to
>> know the intent of use?
>  Why don't we just blacklist everything and only whitelist those we know
>  are good?
>  Because the cost of determining who is good and who is not has a great
>  cost.  If you buy an IP block, regardless of your intent, that IP block
>  should not have the ill-will of the previous owner passed on with it.

You don't buy ip blocks or at least not from ARIN. Among other things
that ARIN does not guarantee is routability.

>  If
>  the previous owner sucked, the new owner should have the chance to use
>  that IP block without restriction until they prove that they suck, at
>  which point it will be blocked again.  That system seems to work well
>  enough: blacklist blocks when they start do be evil, according to your own
>  (you being the neteng in charge) definition of evil.
>  ARIN needs to be impartial.  If they are going to sell the block, they
>  should do their best to make a coordinated effort to make sure the block
>  is as unencumbered as possible.  I get that there is a sense that ARIN
>  needs to do more due dilligence to determine if the receiving party is
>  worthy of that block, but I'm not aware of the process, and from the
>  grumblings it doesn't seem like fun.
>> Note we all could start using IPv6 and avoid this problem altogether.
>  Because as we know IPv6 space is inexhaustable.  Just like IPv4 was when
>  it began its life. ;-)
>  That won't avoid the problem, it will simply put the problem off until it
>  rears its head again.  I'm sure that IPv6 space will be more easily gotten
>  until problems arise, and in a few years (maybe decades, we can put this
>  problem on our children's shoulders), we'll be back where we are now --
>  getting recycled IP space that is blocked or encumbered due to bad
>  previous owners.
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