WS-X6148A-GE-TX performance question

Bill Blackford bblackford at
Thu Sep 10 21:39:30 UTC 2009

There was a good thread on Cisco-nsp regarding this exact subject recently.
My recollection is that both X6148 and X6148A have just 6 1GB ASICs.
Therefore the over subscription rate is 8:1. The biggest difference between
these LC's is that X6148A will support large MTU whereas X6148 will not.


On Thu, Sep 10, 2009 at 2:17 PM, Scott Spencer <scott at>wrote:

>  Are the X6148A cards dedicated 1 gb/s uplink for each port ( shared 32
> Gb/s
> bus , as long as each port is it's own 1 gb/s still to the 32gb/s bus and
> not shared with 7 other ports, so effectively just 125Mb/s per port then if
> all used at full/even capacity) ?
> I can't really find anything much on X6148A internal architecture online,
> but it would seem that each port gets its own 1gb/s link to the
> card/backplane, and that the bottleneck then is the 32gb/s backplane (which
> is fine, as long as it's not 1 gb/s per each set of 8 ports!).
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