Repeated Blacklisting / IP reputation

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Wed Sep 9 17:08:18 UTC 2009

What's to stop spammers from doing this to cycle through blocks in rapid-fashion?

This proposal seems easily abusable to me.

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How about a trial period from ARIN?  You get your IP block, and you get 30
days to determine if it is "clean" or not.  Do some testing, check the
blacklists, do some magic to see if there are network-specific blacklists
that might prevent your customers from sending or receiving email/web/other
connections with that new IP block.

If there are problems, go back to ARIN and show them your work and if they
can verify your work (or are simply lazy) you get a different block.  ARIN
puts the block into another quiet period.  Maybe they use the work you did
to clean up the block, maybe they don't.

Cleaning up a block of IPs previously used by shady characters has a real
cost, both in time and money.  The argument as I see it is who bears the
responsibility and cost of that cleanup.

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