Repeated Blacklisting / IP reputation

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Tue Sep 8 22:25:29 UTC 2009

O'Reirdan, Michael wrote:
> MAAWG is has no size limitations as to members. Yes we do have a $4000 supporter membership. This has not proved a barrier to many organisations.

Likely because for the ones for whom it is a barrier, they look at the 
cost and don't even bother considering an initial contact. Thus, you 
never hear about it.

Admittedly, most smaller organizations simply don't have the time to 
participate in even a handful of the $bignum industry organizations 
(whether they cost money or not) so that's likely a more substantial 

To be completely clear, it's not clear to me that an organization that 
cannot afford $4000/year would actually have the resources to 
participate in a meaningful way anyway. Which is to say that I do not 
necessarily disagree with the fee structure, and that is speaking from 
under my "small organization for whom the $4k/year is an insurmountable 
barrier" hat.

All that said, I believe I have had my say sufficiently so I will not 
contribute further to the overall noise level on NANOG.

> Mike O'Reirdan
> Chairman, MAAWG
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> ISPs can be invited and there are specific meetings for them (closed to 
> other members).
> There're also whitepapers for ISP (and others).
> But I agree, hoping ALL the ISPs join MAAWG or even hear about it is 
> utopian.
> --
> Benjamin
> William Astle a écrit :
>> J.D. Falk wrote:
>>> Seth Mattinen wrote:
>>>> I was always under the impression that smaller orgs were not allowed to
>>>> join the MAAWG club.
>>> I've heard that, too, but have no idea where it comes from.  It's not 
>>> true; there's no size requirement or anything like that.
>>> has the membership application and other info.
>> The $4000/year minimum membership fee is a non-starter for small 
>> organizations who are already strapped for operating cash as it is. 
>> This is probably where the perception comes from.

William Astle
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