BGP Hijack by AT&T... was: Need Help Getting IP Unblocked by AT&T

Brian Raaen braaen at
Thu Sep 3 14:23:00 UTC 2009

I have not seen any changes yet, although I did get an automated
response from their abuse address that they received my message.  Also,
to answer another question I have not changed backbones in over two
years.  I largely suspect that this is an issue of a simple typo and not
anything malicious.

Brian Raaen
Network Engineer
email: /braaen at <mailto:braaen at>

Gustavo Rodrigues Ramos wrote:
> Hi Brian, has someone from at&t contacted you or have you noticed any change?
> Thanks,
> Gustavo.
> On Thu, Sep 3, 2009 at 9:43 AM, Brian Raaen<braaen at> wrote:
>> I have sent a complaint to the AT&T abuse contact from my ARIN contact
>> address asking them to stop announcing the route.
>> --
>> -----------------
>> Brian Raaen
>> Network Engineer
>> email: /braaen at <mailto:braaen at>
>> Brian Raaen wrote:
>>> I appreciate the offline replies.  After doing some more research myself
>>> the issue appears to be related to the fact that AT&T is announcing the
>>> block directly.  I did show "ip bgp" in a couple routers and
>>> some showed the route originating in 701 (they were able to reach it)
>>> and others showed it originating in 7018 (and they could not reach it).
>>> Here is my question, since I am an ARIN admin contact for the IP block
>>> how is the best way to get AT&T to quit announcing the block.
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