Need Help Getting IP Unblocked by AT&T

Jay Hennigan jay at
Thu Sep 3 14:05:00 UTC 2009

Brian Raaen wrote:
> I appreciate the offline replies.  After doing some more research myself
> the issue appears to be related to the fact that AT&T is announcing the
> block directly.  I did show "ip bgp" in a couple routers and
> some showed the route originating in 701 (they were able to reach it)
> and others showed it originating in 7018 (and they could not reach it).
> Here is my question, since I am an ARIN admin contact for the IP block
> how is the best way to get AT&T to quit announcing the block.

If they absolutely refuse to talk to you, have someone who is an AT&T 
customer open a ticket with them about being unable to reach your network.

I would suspect that the discussion here. may get their attention.

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