Issues with Gmail

Robert Mathews (OSIA) mathews at
Wed Sep 2 18:31:35 UTC 2009

Michael Thomas wrote:
> I think that Randy might be conflating single point of failure with
> "resilience". Google, distributed on every level as it is, is still
> just one operator and in this case the lemmings faithfully followed
> each other into the sea. We've been on an anti-resilience binge for
> quite some time, accelerated to warp speed by the advent of the
> Internet itself. There's something to be said about not having all of
> your
> police scanners, etc, etc on the internet from a resilience
> standpoint, but the siren call is strong for good reasons too.
> Mike

As I have mentioned to Randy separately, my interest was to understand
whether he
had made the "single point of failure" reference colloquially, or in a
/critical infrastructure/

Some treat, and relate to the Internet as though it is a part of
/"critical infrastructures."/
I simply wished to better understand the point of reference.  A
caveat... in stating this above...
it is not a personal intention, to now originate a vacuous and
malodorous thread on NANOG
regarding the Internet's place in critical infrastructures.   Surely,
that cannot be resolved here,
in this community.


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