Ready to get your federal computer license?

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We had a clipped conversation years ago. I'm no longer with the DIA or the
NSA or the ASA (an old '70's agency)

I've worked at Columbia University in the 80's, the NSA in the 70's, and a
lot of other places in the 90's and beyond. Because of my past, I have to
However, and you must be getting tired after all these years but, please,
keep interjecting your points.

My 2 cents....

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On Sun, 30 Aug 2009, Jeff Young wrote:
> The more troubling parts of this bill had to do with the President,
> at his discretion, classifying parts of public networks as "critical
> infrastructure" and so on.

Whatever your opinion, get involved.  Let your representatives know about 
your better ideas.

> currently living overseas and finding all of this very amusing...

If any other country has solved the problem of protecting
Internet/data/cyber/critical/etc infrastructures and have some great 
ideas, it would be great to hear what those ideas are and how they did it.

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