Tucows vs Postini

John Levine johnl at iecc.com
Fri Oct 30 03:57:01 UTC 2009

>Anyone have much experience with outsourcing antispam/antivirus to
>Tucows?  We use Postini today and are overall pleased.  The Tucows
>pricing seems to be MUCH lower so curious on any feedback...

Tucows' mail system had some fairly bad operational problems last year
(no mail lost, but offline for a while).  They've fixed them and in
recent months they've been quite solid.  I have some customers' mail
hosted there and they've been happy.  I also happen to know several of
their managers who are reasonable people and actually respond to
problem reports.

If you're thinking of using them, it's also worth thinking about
letting them handle the entire mail setup.  Along with POP and IMAP
they have usable web mail and a web management portal so your
customers can do the usual stuff, add and remove accounts, reset
passwords, and also an xml/http interface if you want to provide your
own management front end.


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