dealing with bogon spam ?

Jeroen Massar jeroen at
Wed Oct 28 13:52:56 UTC 2009

Randy Bush wrote:
>>> It seems to me like the best solution might be a semi-hacky solution of
>>> asking arin (and other IRR's) if i can copy its DB and creating an
>>> internal peer which null routes unallocated blocks (updated nightly?)
>> What you want to take is:
>> $rirs = array(
>>                 "afrinic"       =>
>> "",
> this is brilliant.  maybe we should form an org to do this and
> distribute via bgp?  shall we have a contest for the name of the org?
> my bid is cymru

Who have it already indeed for a long long time and have a proven track

I noted the above for the people who want to get their own copy from the
IRRs, like what was asked above. For instance for the few who want to
build their own setups, want to integrate it in their own systems etc.


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