DMCA takedowns of networks

Shrdlu shrdlu at
Mon Oct 26 16:11:48 UTC 2009

N. Yaakov Ziskind wrote:

> Jack Bates wrote (on Mon, Oct 26, 2009 at 09:52:01AM -0500):

>>John van Oppen wrote:

>>>I think that is a pretty standard procedure.   We generally give our
>>>users 12 hours to remove the content before we null-route the IP...

>>And yet, that may have been exactly what happened. Lack of information 
>>always leads to much speculation.

> But, if HE *didn't* do that, why aren't they commenting? Like, on this
> forum, for example? HE ppl seem to know the address of NANOG ...

They aren't commenting (this is an opinion, and I have NO inside 
information) because it's a legal matter. Jeeze, people, go on their 
reputation. Hurricane Electric are the good guys.

Enough already.

Open source should be about giving away things voluntarily. When
you force someone to give you something, it's no longer giving, it's
stealing. Persons of leisurely moral growth often confuse giving with
taking.    -- Larry Wall

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