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Mon Oct 26 10:03:59 UTC 2009

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On Sat, Oct 24, 2009 at 02:07:42PM -0500, Joe Greco wrote:
> If I'm assigned by Comcast, and Comcast filters my ingress to
> prevent me from emitting other addresses, you claim that's fine because
> it's BCP38.
> There's a problem:  I can validly emit a variety of other addresses, in
> particular any address in and some other networks.  I am
> not "forging" packets if I emit addresses down a
> Comcast pipe.

Only in your service agreement allows this.  Most folks realized both
- the bad guys figured out this 'triangle routing' ages ago (was common
  to send bulk abuse traffic down broadband and receive the ack stream
  on dialup Back In The Day) and specificlly disallow it.
- such hacks to attempt multihoming without BGP fail in spectacular 
  ways nd can't be reled on for any real traffic.

So while you may have an allocation and therefore not be 'forging' by 
strict definitions, you are injecting martian traffic as far as the 
resi broadband provider is concerned and it should be dropped.

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