Interesting Point of view - Russian police and RIPE accused of aiding RBN

Daniel Karrenberg daniel.karrenberg at
Sat Oct 24 13:59:49 UTC 2009

On 24.10 03:05, Paul Bosworth wrote:
> I think the larger point is that ripe turned a blind eye to an
> internationally recognized criminal network.

That may be a point but not a convincing one.

Imagine the outcry on this list if ARIN were to deny some organisation
address space or ASNs just because they are "internationally recognised"
criminals.  Wouldn't we demand a little more due process? 
Especially since the alternatives are not as easy as walking to the
next fastfood joint.

The RIPE NCC operates in a region where whole sovereign states call each
other criminals or worse on a daily basis. 

The only tenable position for each RIR is to strictly apply the
policies developed in its bottom-up self-regulatory process.  Doing
anything else would require intervention via a proper legal process,
e.g.  a *judge* with appropriate jurisdiction telling the RIR that 
its actions are unlawful.

Frustration is a bad advisor when trying to stop crime, unrelenting
application of due process is the only way ... frustrating as it may be.

Daniel Karrenberg
Chief Scientist RIPE NCC
Speaking only for himself as is customary here.

PS: This is old news, compare

And see the press release that Marco pointed out.


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