ISP/VPN's to China?

Benjamin Billon bbillon-ml at
Wed Oct 21 19:14:56 UTC 2009


if you're talking about Mainland China in general (not Hong Kong 
specifically), indeed IPSEC VPN may not provide desired level of service.
During the time I spent there, we opted for:
- CNC MPLS for 4 sites in China
- Equant MPLS between Beijing and other worldwide sites
- Then replaced at high price Equant by Verizon MPLS in order to connect 
worldwide sites through Pacific links instead of Suez Canal
- Then replaced Verizon by higher bandwidth Equant MPLS because 
Verizon's service was seriously bad. Not the link, but the service 
around it.

At that time, Verizon used China Telecom as contractor, and I think 
Equant used CNC. Not sure about that, though.

Between each site (Beijing to three others in China, and Beijing to 
others worldwide), there was backup IPSEC VPN set up "just in case". 
Hopefully we didn't had to use them, because they was down from time to 
time and bandwidth was inconsistent.

"Great Firewall buddy" is not to charge this time.

ChrisSerafin a écrit :
> I have a client in the US looking to connect up an office in China and 
> I'm wondering what type of connections are avilable and wether IPSEC 
> VPNs can be established through the 'Great firewall of China'.
> I talked to a China Telcom rep in the US that says that the network 
> congestion even in China makes VPN's difficult. From their website, I 
> see that the majority of the country is using xDSL, or 2MB dedicated 
> lines.
> Can anyone shed any light on this topic? Thanks!
> chris at

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