CRTC rules on Traffic Management Practices

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Wed Oct 21 16:59:42 UTC 2009

Realistically this has to do with one main thing, traffic throttling 
(Mainly of bittorrent and other p2p applications).
In previous decisions and hearings they discussed at length the 
management of networks in regards to spam and viruses.
These have nothing to do with what this ruling is about and they stated 
that there is a clear distinction
between managing spam and viruses and management of traffic for specific 

This ruling really doesn't amount to much at this point as bell, rogers, 
shaw, cogeco etc will all still throttle whatever they
want, whenever they want without much regard for the rulings of the 
CRTC. They ignore many other rulings every day,
why would this one be any different.

Michael Peddemors wrote:
> Holy Hannah!
> ISP actions affecting content
> According to the Telecommunications Act, a telecommunications company must 
> obtain the Commission’s prior approval to “control the content or influence 
> the meaning or purpose of telecommunications” carried over its network. The 
> Commission does not consider such disruptive actions to be proper Internet 
> traffic management practices, and they will always require prior approval.
> An ISP would therefore need to seek the Commission’s approval before it 
> implemented a practice that would:
> block the delivery of content to an end-user, or
> slow down time-sensitive traffic, such as videoconferencing or Internet 
> telephone (Voice over Internet Protocol) services, to the extent that the 
> content is degraded.
> When faced with these requests, the Commission will only grant its approval in 
> the most exceptional cases.
> The email marketing lobby already got the legislation watered down on the spam 
> front, but does this in essence say that ISP's are no longer allowed to block 
> email content, viruses et al?
> On October 21, 2009, Jeff Gallagher wrote:
>> For those following the regulatory / net neutrality debate, the Canadian
>> Radio and Telecommunications Commission released this morning  a decision
>> requiring additional transparency with respect to the traffic management
>> practices of Canadian service providers.
>> News Release:
>> Policy Details:
>> Jeff Gallagher   
>> Network Engineering
>> jeff.gallagher at

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