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Yes my experience was the same on with Manage Engine.  Although, they do have an article buried in their archives that shows how to tweak the mysql and java memory settings on start of the app.  We found that helped a bit.  We were successfully using it for netflows from more than 100Mbps, so I would say it can handle a bit more than typical SMB traffic.

I don't know if anyone mentioned it, but a good commercial product a former customer of mine used to use was Solarwinds Orion.


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Manage Engine flow receiver with no user sessions viewing statistics
runs at 100% CPU for 200+ Mbps unsampled traffic. It's suited to SMBs


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> ManageEngine's product is the one that kills browsers because you can tell it to list the top X ASNs.
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> We have used this product with great success and its reasonable in pricing
> and well supported.
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> What's up gold
> Mrtpg
> Scrtinizer
> Nagios
> Riverbed Cascade
> Solarwinds
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>> All,
>>   I am looking for decent netflow analyzer and reporting  software
>> with good support for AS data.
>>   ManagEngine's product crashes or locks up my browser when I try to
>> list/sort the AS info because it's too large of a list and there is
>> no way to tell it to show just the top x results.
>>   Plixer's Scrutenizer, while it seems like it's a pretty decent
>> product, is no longer supporting Linux... We are a Linux shop
>> (servers, desktops, laptops).
>>   What else is there that I might want to look at?
>> Thanks!
>> Mike
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