ISP customer assignments

Nathan Ward nanog at
Wed Oct 14 09:54:02 UTC 2009

On 14/10/2009, at 7:23 PM, Mark Andrews wrote:

> DS-Lite is there for when the ISP runs out of IPv4 addresses to
> hand one to each customer.  Many customers don't need a unique IPv4
> address, these are the ones you switch to DS-Lite.  Those that do
> require a unique IPv4 you leave on full dual stack for as long as
> you can.
The authors of DS-lite say it's because running a dual stack network  
is hard.

You clearly don't share that view , so in your view what's wrong with  
dual stack with IPv4for everyone then, whether they need a unique  
address or not?

DS-lite requires CGN, so does dual stack without enough IPv4 addresses.

This is probably the wrong forum for a DS-lite debate. I'm sure people  
have a use for it, they actually might have gear that can only do IPv4  
OR IPv6 but not both or something.
My problem with it is that it's being seen as a solution for a whole  
lot of people, when in reality it's a solution for a small number of  

Thanks for the point about the tunnel brokers though, I missed that,  
I'll update this tomorrow with any suggestions I get before then.

Nathan Ward

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