DreamHost admin contacts

Charles Wyble charles at thewybles.com
Tue Oct 13 20:53:54 UTC 2009

+1 for intermeida. I'm digging it.

Though I've yet to find a way to turn off copying the originator of the 
e-mail when hitting reply all. Anyone know how to fix that?

On 10/13/09 1:48 PM, Jeff Saxe wrote:
>> Barring that, what recommendations might the NANOG community have for
>> an extremely rock-solid e-mail hosting company?  I realize that may
>> mean self-promotion, but hey, bring it on.
> Some people, when they say "email hosting company", inherently mean "hosting specifically of Microsoft Exchange email, contacts, and calendar". If that's what you're after, then I would recommend my employer's chosen hosted Exchange partner, Intermedia<http://www.intermedia.net>. They maintain server farms of Exchange clusters, and they have a very good customer portal (both at the administrator-of-the-site level and the individual end user). They also have an FTP-up-a-PST-file-and-merge-it-into-a-mailbox function that makes the initial migration from some other Exchange repository faster and more parallelizable than without it. We are extremely pleased, and we have basically stopped hosting Exchange for our own customers on our own in-house hardware, just using Intermedia as a branded service.

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