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Brandon Galbraith brandon.galbraith at gmail.com
Tue Oct 13 20:34:47 UTC 2009

Have had great luck (no outages) with Rackspace Mail (formerly
Mailtrust). Quite affordable as well.

Disclaimer: no affiliation, just a satisfied customer

On 10/13/09, Andy Ringsmuth <andyring at inebraska.com> wrote:
> Any chance there's someone from DreamHost on NANOG?  Or that someone
> might have a way to reach them other than by filing a trouble ticket
> with them?  POP has seemingly been down all day, with Webmail sporadic
> at best.
> Just migrated my company's e-mail over to them last week, and with
> this, of course our company president has been putting a severe
> squeeze on me to fix it.
> Barring that, what recommendations might the NANOG community have for
> an extremely rock-solid e-mail hosting company?  I realize that may
> mean self-promotion, but hey, bring it on.
> Much appreciated!
> -Andy

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