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Nathan Ward, please stand up.


On Tue, Oct 13, 2009, TJ wrote:
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> From: Justin
> To go along with Dan's query from above, what are the preferred methods 
> that other SPs are using to deploy IPv6 with non-IPv6-capable edge 
> hardware?  We too have a very limited number of dialup customers and 
> will never sink another dollar in the product.  Unfortunately I also 
> have brand-new ADSL2+ hardware that doesn't support IPv6 and according 
> to the vendors (Pannaway) never will.  We also have CMTSs that don't 
> support IPv6, even though they too are brand-new.  Those CMTSs top out 
> at DOCSIS 2.0 and the vendor decided not to allow IPv6 to the CPEs 
> regardless of the underlying CM's IPv6 support or lack thereof (like 
> Cisco allowed for example).  Are providers implementing tunneling 
> solutions?  Pros/cons of the various solutions?
> > My first (potentially ignorant) response would be to get your acquisitions
> > people aligned with your business, and by that I mean they should be
> making
> > a concerted effort to only buy IPv6 capable gear, especially when IPv6 is
> > coming to you within that gears lifecycle.
> > I guess your customers will need to tunnel, as long as you give them a
> public
> > IP they have 6to4 (and possibly Teredo, tunnel broker) - but native is
> better.

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